without respect to

See: regardless
References in classic literature ?
Cedric the Saxon, if offended, and he is noway slack in taking offence, is a man who, without respect to your knighthood, my high office, or the sanctity of either, would clear his house of us, and send us to lodge with the larks, though the hour were midnight.
Without respect to the public mandate, the country could not make progress, he asserted.
The captains will be the All-Star starter from each conference who receives the most fan votes in his conference, but they can choose their players without respect to conference affiliation.
Hutto had the work experience and the ability to bring Atlas continued success, but top management unlawfully opted for youth over experience without respect to qualifications," said EEOC Trial Attorney Joel Clark.
It has been well established fact that Turkey is providing weapons, political and economic support to Libya Dawn militias mostly from the city of Misurata, 200 kms east of Tripoli, without respect to the internationally recognized government which was democratically elected in June 2014.
Should the ECB engage in purchasing all sovereign European credits, without respect to credit quality (say for the next 12 months) and state so publicly, it would put an immediate end to bond hooligan activity.
It contradicts the generally accepted views about good taste and represents something extemporary and done without respect to both material and theme whatsoever.
He said that people all around the world were asking how Israel was able to act in such a manner without respect to anyone, considering that the act took place in international waters.
Certainly if really indicated, antibiotics must be used in infants without respect to the risk of subsequent atopic eczema.
God made all of us, loves us equally and expects us to love each other equally, without respect to gender, race, sexual orientation or other religions," be said.
Our law and propaganda are not really based on the wish to stop accidents, but are solely concerned with revenge on the driver, without respect to whether he is guilty.
Warts and tumors share the property of growing without respect to normal controls.