without results

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But Delcarte's search was not without results, for above Snider's heart was a wound, a slit about an inch in length--such a slit as a sharp knife would make, and in the dead fingers of one hand was clutched a strand of long brown hair--Victory's hair was brown.
Each vacation he brought home a new book or two, indicating his progress through different stages of history, Christian doctrine, and Latin literature; and that passage was not entirely without results, besides the possession of the books.
The contempt which the world pours out on poverty was death to Athanase; the enervating heat of solitude, without a breath or current of air, relaxed the bow which ever strove to tighten itself; his soul grew weary in this painful effort without results. Athanase was a man who might have taken his place among the glories of France; but, eagle as he was, cooped in a cage without his proper nourishment, he was about to die of hunger after contemplating with an ardent eye the fields of air and the mountain heights where genius soars.
The night spent by Levin on the haycock did not pass without result for him.
A gentleman who had come twice before to dicker for me, without result, or indeed any approach to a result, came again.
They caught fleeting glimpses of each other and chanced flying shots which were without result. On a grassy shelter behind a tree, Sheldon came upon where Tudor had rested and smoked a cigarette.
I spoke in German of one of the latter several times, but without result. Finally she said:
But each time the quarrel passed off and the voices grumbled lower for a while, until the next crisis came and in its turn passed away without result.
Here he listened, and not without result, for almost the first words he overheard filled him with excitement.
He shook Lt slightly, without result. Then he strolled round to the back, entered his own little abode by the kitchen, and tried the other door which led into the boat-house.
Yes, the keen air came through an empty keyhole; and my lamp, held close, not only showed that the door was locked, but that the lock was one with which an unskilled hand might tamper for hours without result. I dealt it a hearty kick by way of a test.
In both instances the search had been without result. Morally, it was a fair conclusion that this might be really the bottle which had contained the poison.