without risk

References in classic literature ?
Beyond the turnpike was a long piece of road, upon which fresh stones had just been laid -- large sharp stones, over which no horse could be driven quickly without risk of danger.
Their vague feminine formula for beloved ones doing brave deeds on the field of battle without risk of life would be destroyed.
Turlington determined to be master of it in four-and-twenty hours--striking the blow, without risk to himself, by means of another hand.
He could not begin to talk of anything without the conversation turning on Alexey Alexandrovitch; he could not go anywhere without risk of meeting him.
For example, --after a weary and perilous chase and capture of a whale, the body may get loose from the ship by reason of a violent storm; and drifting far away to leeward, be retaken by a second whaler, who, in a calm, snugly tows it alongside, without risk of life or line.
I have not time for writing much, but it would be out of place if I had, for this is to be a mere letter of business, penned for the purpose of conveying necessary information, which could not be delayed without risk of evil.
There was no disputing these commands, for they had the power to shower destruction upon the white men, without risk to themselves.
We shall have gained our object in spite of her--and, what is more, we shall have gained it without risk to you.
Our Gascon promised this without risk, for he knew all that was meant.
At the chalet, Smilash, indifferent to the price of coals, kept up a roaring fire that glowed through the uncurtained windows, and tantalized the chilled wayfarer who did not happen to know, as the herdsmen of the neighborhood did, that he was welcome to enter and warm himself without risk of rebuff from the tenant.
Kings have always a marvellous talent for offering us that which they know we will not accept, and in appearing generous without risk. So be it!
Yet for months he had been hiding like a rat in a hole, unable to show even his altered face by night or day without risk, unless another risk were courted by three inches of conspicuous crepe.