without shame

See: unabashed
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He saw the possibility of looking men in the face again without shame, and he could live in accordance with his own habits.
Then was there again spoken unto me without voice: "Thou must yet become a child, and be without shame.
Fear is a relative term and so I can only measure my feelings at that time by what I had experienced in previous positions of danger and by those that I have passed through since; but I can say without shame that if the sensations I endured during the next few minutes were fear, then may God help the coward, for cowardice is of a surety its own punishment.
Those who beg without shame, who cheat and steal, who are greedy and drunken have a share of his wrath.
God knows there were," I answered, my face in my hands; and, my grief brought home to me, there I sat with it in the presence of that stranger, without compunction and without shame.
Having had so little help in my studies, I had a stupid pride in refusing all, even such as I might have availed myself of, without shame, in books, and I would not read any Spanish author with English notes.
With sorrow, but without shame, I tell it, for there be no man in all Manator that would not have done the same.
I shall not force my attentions upon Virginia until I can prove my identity, and that my past is one which I can lay before her without shame --until then I shall not see her.
Without shame, I confess that it was I who turned and footed it.
We discourse freely without shame of one form of sensuality, and are silent about another.
Bear in mind, Sancho," said Don Quixote, "that love is influenced by no consideration, recognises no restraints of reason, and is of the same nature as death, that assails alike the lofty palaces of kings and the humble cabins of shepherds; and when it takes entire possession of a heart, the first thing it does is to banish fear and shame from it; and so without shame Altisidora declared her passion, which excited in my mind embarrassment rather than commiseration.
The whole situation needed the most careful management lest it should degenerate into some degrading and disturbing exhibition such as the scene, which he could never think of without shame, upon the heath among the dead leaves.