without significance

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I pictured their lives, troubled by no untoward adventure, honest, decent, and, by reason of those two upstanding, pleasant children, so obviously destined to carry on the normal traditions of their race and station, not without significance.
The wonders of the deep were without significance to him.
Although you reported he was idolised by some of the workers, it is not without significance that when they had a chance, in a secret ballot, to support him after he was sacked, only 600 out of a total of 14,600 voted for him.
I'm afraid for somebody who is a ticking time bomb, driving around in Middlesbrough at 3am with a meat cleaver in a car does not strike me as being without significance.
It is not without significance that today we have a large number of faith-based television channels but not a single Indian science channel.
Legislators consider mutual taxation agreements with other countries to be irrelevant or without significance, but they don't realise the huge benefits for the economy," said Mr Al Saleh.
That leaves the match between the Raiders and the Power Spikers without significance except for sheer morale boost before they end the conference.
India, June 15 -- It is not without significance that the closing of the Centenary Year of the Daughters of St Paul [DSP] coincides with the Church's ongoing Year of Consecrated Life
It is not without significance that the astounding performance of the BJP in the Lok Sabha poll last summer followed the projection of one man as its supreme leader.
A comparison between the two manifestos is not without significance as Rahul is now virtually calling the shots in the Congress while Sonia provides an overarching endorsement to his leadership.
It is certainly not without significance that the meeting between the Commission and the Russian officials took place simultaneously with the executive's green light for the acquisition of four European companies with ties to BASF operating in the gas sector (see Europolitics 4766).