without spirit

See: languid
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I am indeed without spirit, the weakest of the Lord's vessels," Narau explained, the first day in the canoe.
The two mongrels were without spirit at all; bones were the only things breakable about them.
One night when tied to the mast, as I explained, we were pumping on, deafened with the wind, and without spirit enough in us to wish ourselves dead, a heavy sea crashed aboard and swept clean over us.
You can have good players, and a budget, but without spirit you can't compete at this level.
She went on to quote Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who once said, "A place without women is a place without spirit.
Like the Romantics, such as Novalis, Fichte, Holderlin, and Schlegel, Hahnemann agrees with Goethe's statement that: "Matter never exists without spirit, and spirit never without matter.
Without spirit and verve as well as belief, the task ahead will become greater by the game of course and so the quicker a victory arrives the better, especially as after tomorrow United must endure a fortnight of stewing because of the international break.
Crucially, his team did not play without spirit and on other days displays like this won't be rewarded by defeat.
Tenders are invited for Msp Gauge Cum Cross Level Without Spirit Level Bg.
We played without spirit, without competitiveness and without desire.
It's a question of filling your pockets, bank account and homes with "things" without spirit and soul.
Often inferior teams look to break up the game and get aggressive, they play without spirit or hope.