without substance

References in classic literature ?
There are sounds without a name, forms without substance, translations in space of objects which have not been seen to move, movements wherein nothing is observed to change its place.
Thornbury no longer saw them, but, penetrating through them as though they were without substance, she saw the house, the people in the house, the room, the bed in the room, and the figure of the dead lying still in the dark beneath the sheets.
field of action are all addictive disorders: both legal drugs such as snuff or alcohol, prescription drugs, other substances with addictive potential including new psychoactive substances, classic illegal drugs, as well as addictions without substance or behavior.
Moreover, citizens expect this process to be based not on empty promises or rhetoric without substance, but rather solid, scientific platforms that exhibit the resolve and the means to realize candidates' stated goals.
It will, like our present Constitution, make a showcase effort to abolish dynasties-an effort without substance.
His accusations are completely without substance and his actions are completely unjustified.
All the averments made in the petition are false, erroneous, incorrect and denied being without substance,' he said.
Style is nothing without substance and the all-new Tucson has both.
Amnesty, on its part, has rejected as without substance the allegations made by ABVP, the students wing of RSS, which had also filed a police complaint in connection with the event and submitted a CD of the proceedings, and claimed that none of its employees shouted any anti- India slogans at any point.
saying the report was unethical and without substance.
To insinuate that all Brexit voters are uneducated is absolutely without substance.
The various rumours which have been circulating this afternoon on social media are without substance and we would question the motivation of those individuals looking to unsettle the club.