without thought

See: impulsive
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So satisfied was she that even when he put out a hand to guide her to the steep, narrow stairway, she took it without thought in the most conventional way.
Of course the Simpsons had no books, and casting aside, without thought or pang, the plush chair, which might have been of some use in a family of seven persons (not counting Mr.
It was thus in his power - and, as he was of grateful temper, it was among the things that he desired - to put John in the way of growing rich; and thus, without thought or industry, or so much as even understanding the game at which he played, but by simply buying and selling what he was told to buy and sell, that plaything of fortune was presently at the head of between eleven and twelve thousand pounds, or, as he reckoned it, of upward of sixty thousand dollars.
Almost simultaneously Clayton regained his feet, and without thought of the utter hopelessness of it, he rushed forward to drag the ape from his wife's prostrate form.
Ye would not believe how charmingly they sat there, when they did not dance, profound, but without thoughts, like little secrets, like beribboned riddles, like dessert-nuts--
Lord Justice Pitchford expressed concern that the girl's clothes had been removed without thought for alternative, less invasive, measures.
1 : made, chosen, or acting without thought of what is fair or right <arbitrary decisions> <an arbitrary ruler>
The fear is that so many cars are parked in many streets without thought to whether an emergency vehicle could get through.
Their bravery is increased by the acts of some of the local people and tourists to the area, who, without thought for their own safety, gave assistance to others who were caught up in this terrible act of nature.
He wrote in a brochure for an Oxford Group event in 1932: `The Group has brought to me personally a greater power in my own life, discipline without thought of discipline, and a greater willingness to share the deepest things in my life.
During the nineteenth century, the forests in the southern part of the country were destroyed without thought for their renewal, but with admirable foresight the government of 1886 passed a law prohibiting wasteful use of forest lands.