without truth

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Forty years ago that might have been said, and not without truth.
These new resources will shed light on our painfully dark history, and like our TRC commission reminds us, there cannot be reconciliation without truth.
City government needs to take tangible action to rebuild trust, but reconciliation is impossible without truth.
justice system could not be established without truth, he added.
This Council emphasizes that without truth, justice and an equitable political solution, neither reconciliation nor permanent peace is possible in Sri Lanka;
These are just among stories that we know to be without truth and without basis).
There will be no reconciliation without truth and accountability" warns the Organization in the same statement.
Without truth those whose lives were affected by that night will never have peace and the dead will never have justice.
The importance of keeping alive the memories of the past is paramount, since there can be no reconciliation without truth and remembrance;
Without TTIP, EU producers fear losing trade with US to Asia; activists fear a decline in standards without truth in labeling and transparent processes
When we do the 'wrong thing,' and go against our conscience, it will nudge us and remind us that we're out of alignment without truth.
But Sinn Fein TD Pearse Doherty said last night: "We as a party will be taking legal advice in relation to the accusations that you [Regina Doherty] are making because they are without truth, and they are impugning the reputation of members of our party, and they are scurrilous.