without value

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Why should I be parsimonious with this life which is cheap and without value? There are more sailors than there are ships on the sea for them, more workers than there are factories or machines for them.
This so frequent abortion of man's dearest projects must be taken as a proof that the deeds of earth, however etherealized by piety or genius, are without value, except as exercises and manifestations of the spirit.
He turned to the drama and during the next dozen years produced many careless and ephemeral farces, burlesques, and light plays, which, however, were not without value as preparation for his novels.
Prices should be in BGN, up to two decimal places, without value added tax.
He however called for a value addition of the citrus to avoid wastage and to make more money and said 'the culture in Nigeria still goes without value addition, and we cannot make enough money and there will be a lot of wastage and spoilage, so beyond fruits consumption we have to go seriously into value addition'
The roadside markets for villagers returning to towns during weekends have not been sufficient, especially without value addition.
Without value system, we never make progress even with good education.
Victory reminds us that instrument is just like humanity: Just because we happen to be broken doesn't mean we're without value or beyond repair.
We can't penetrate the market without value addition to our products, he gave the example of mango, instead of packing them in a box for exporting, squash and canning are also good options.
Yes, you read it right, in Eilat most items are sold without value added tax.
This area came in the kitty of this corporation for detailed investigation, exploration, and exploitation with or without value addition (obviously with leveraged foreign partners).
The CBOS governor said that the bank would review the import controls to rationalize the use of foreign exchange by canceling import operations without value transferring and restricting the use of free accounts and self-resources, while allowing free accounts to be fed from different sources.