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Of those Americans without wills, 44 percent reported they do not have a will because they're more focused on day-to-day essentials.
For self-governing First Nations without wills and estates jurisdiction, provincial or territorial succession law applies, as it does to non-status Indians and to Canada's other Aboriginal peoples, the Inuit and Metis.
Parents without wills or plans for their progeny think you are morbid if you suggest it might be prudent to make arrangements.
Most of the 47million without wills say they simply haven't got round to making one.
Next year, without Wills, Kate will be lucky if she makes it to No.
Land Loss Prevention Project: Legal Services of Greater Miami has received a grant from the ABA to start a Land Loss Prevention Project in partnership with the South Miami-Kendall Bar Association to address the problem of low-income African Americans losing title to their real property due to intestate succession when people die without wills.
Of those without wills 35% said they hadn't got round to it, couldn't be bothered or had no time.
Fifty-six percent of all respondents without wills cited procrastination as their excuse.
Two meetings will be held next week on proposed changes to state administrative rules relating to unclaimed property of people who die without wills or heirs.