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Many old and vulnerable people are scared witless by these knocks on the door and with the load bangs of endless fireworks going off, it really is a nightmare time for them.
This splendid satirical comedy stars Tom Hollander as a witless government minister, who gets in trouble after suggesting a war is imminent.
I pray that this conceited individual does not have children who may be contaminated by his witless stupidity and I encourage the Government to continue to inform and educate the population.
These incidents are witless, and far from telegenic.
An immature female bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) was discovered stranded dead at Witless Bay Point, just south of Mobile Point (47[degrees]14' 68.
Surely they have work to do on behalf of their constituents instead of getting up to unfunny and witless school boy pranks.
But the movie's script is so muddled, witless, and confused about its own subject matter that it's easy to assume it's on Griffin's side.
For though some may dismiss my view as the witless yammerings of a multiculturalist pawn, I did not greet CNOOC's watershed proposal with sorrow, remorse or nostalgia for a more innocent time when the Chinese economy was a harmless joke.
Most were insignificant mediocrities; it's the exceptional artist whose witless decisions hound him or her to the grave.
A f urther side effect is alienation and pessimism among young people, indoctrinated in schools by such witless prattle.