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Because this is the facedown-in-the-food leg of your tour, and because there are so many virtuoso kitchens in Copenhagen, don't stop at one pupil-dilating dinner or go witlessly looking for gay-friendly kitchens.
Cyclops (hatchet-faced Barry Morse) faces Soviet boss Dunienkin (the huge and hugely-talented Richard Griffiths) with the moronic British PM Kevin Pork (Peter Jones) floundering witlessly between them aided by Geoffrey Palmer's useless Foreign Secretary, Dave, and Richard Davies' equally inept Chancellor, Brian.
By introducing another smart anthology* of Britain's poetic "Mainstream" with a torrid assault on what he labels, witlessly, the "Postmoderns," Paterson has actually undermined the claim of the Mainstream to any cultural validity other than that based on sales--a measure whose nullity he himself exposes.
But Professor Mahon tries to punch some life back into a few "perennial golden moldies" of his own: namely, that community-college administrators all are harnessed to the same withering brain stem and therefore think and act in concerted, fiscally driven malevolence, and that keeping all students at all costs is a banner that they all witlessly march behind.
Anyone who thinks it's art is a mindless moron witlessly applauding the emperor in his new clothes.
In most cemeteries are found the dreariest expressions of resurrection sculpture imaginable, in stock Christian or classical poses, often gazing witlessly toward heaven and appearing to be onlookers of a humdrum event scarcely worthy of serious attention.
We could hardly believe we had so witlessly fallen into the hands of such scoundrels.
To their dismay, the vault holds nothing except a mysterious dust-laden crypt, whch the thieves witlessly prise open.
The lesson of recent months is that if citizens stop engaging one another as shapers of a common destiny society will drift witlessly, from alarm to alarm, and all the social scientists' horses and men won't put Humpty Dumpty together again.
Their love was dangerous," the ads witlessly declared, focusing entirely on Claire Danes as Cosette and a lesser known actor as her beau, Marius Pontmercy (Hans Matheson).
Ultimately, he hopes his efforts will extend beyond human-robot teamwork, leading to autonomous robots that can work together without witlessly beating each other into piles of parts.
The tales are endless: the hedge fund founder desperate to get his son into one of Greenwich's socially swell private schools who clips a six-figure check to the first page of the application, witlessly forcing the school to reject both his son and his check or lose all credibility," Wolfe writes.