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Another audience member also asked if the film, about a hedge fund manager (Ferrell) who witlessly hires a law-abiding acquaintance (Hart) to prepare him for maximum security prison after being sentenced for fraud, was perpetuating stereotypes.
Attempting to acquire the signatures of Sudanese officials in order to legitimate his land deal and pacify investors in the scheme, Heilberg, who compares himself to Ayn Rand's protagonists and witlessly psychoanalyzes the warlords who keep blowing him off, seems mostly out of his element.
(10) One of my favorite examples in this connection is the theory of public debt 'incidence', where not only have broad professional judgments about the issue done amazing back-turns over the last fifty years, but where many of the contributions have involved discovering (witlessly or otherwise) insights that were predominant wisdom in earlier periods.
To effectuate a successful cyber-attack, an attacker needs access to a target's computer or network--gained either from afar (through the Internet) or up close (through a thumb drive, for instance)--that allows the exploitation of a "vulnerability"--such as altered software or hardware--to deliver a "payload"--usually a piece of software that, once entered into a targeted computer, performs any number of insidious actions, such as "reproducing and retransmitting itself, destroying files on the system, or altering files." (56) The weakest link in computer network protection remains the people themselves--innocent computer users who download malicious software, lose hardware, or witlessly post proprietary information on the Internet.
The "f*** off" she advocates is the retort of the witlessly tonguetied, the punctuation of the illiterate.
an artist who is always harping upon resistance, discrimination, opposition, besides being a drag, eventually plays right into the hands of the politicians he claims to despise- and is held there unwittingly (and witlessly) reviving slavery in another form." (140)
That the plot is convoluted and ridiculous isn't really a problem, but by playing things completely chronologically--and worse, soberly--this film's shenanigans feel witlessly arbitrary in a way that the previous installments avoided.
Our heedless planet boldly turns and turns, And seasons chase each other witlessly; The passionate fire that warned us barely burns; Our emptied nest has failed to set us free.
As The X Factor has gone witlessly downmarket so Strictly Come Dancing, by recruiting their new judge from the Royal Ballet, has gone upmarket.
If our children are to be inspired by anyone, let it be the sportsmen and women who have devoted years of their lives to improving themselves, rather than reality TV stars who stagger witlessly from one nightclub to another.
It also doesn't help when Kenny Dalglish witlessly imposes a three-line whip on his players to back Suarez with that ridiculous t-shirt protest when the Evra row broke.
8) Which leading government minister was accused of witlessly "lowering the tone" after picking up GQ magazine's Politician of the Year award and saying: "I'm not sure who actually reads the political pages of GQ magazine.