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As an example, he pointed to the statements of the US President, at the recent United Nations General Assembly, and held, "The reason behind the ignorant, derogatory, and thoughtless speech delivered by the US President - rife with gang like rhetoric and cowboy fantasies, and filled with much falsehood and confusion - is due to his anger, desperation, and witlessness," further stating, "The statements of the US President were not a source of pride for the American nation; personalities representing USA should feel embarrassed by these statements and their President.
The book explores "the broader developmental relationship between comic form, the kinds of wit and witlessness that sits at its heart, and setting.
Small Time Crooks, with its fine cinematography by Zhao Fei, probably is a "perfectly respectable picture," but it is also a film whose laughs are so dependent upon caricature (of wealthy art connoisseurs in the last quarter of the movie, but in the consistent witlessness of the principal characters, too) as to make the movie pointless to watch a second time.
In the chapter on Bradstreet, for instance, she demonstrates how in the quaternion on the four humors Flegme (the most feminine of the four humors) defends herself against Choler's supposed superiority "by elaborating a medical theory that demonstrates her importance for the brain and nerves in the face of accusations of passivity and witlessness.
Dalloway and The Years, the caretaker's "sidelong leer" becomes less a sign of witlessness than an alternative mode of observation (TTL 131).
But the crude obviousness and dreary witlessness of their satire will turn off even the pair's most undemanding fans.
This was not so much the result of witlessness on his part as
The fact that in the grand scheme of things the fixing only affected those with the time, or witlessness, to enter in the first place, and that banning phone-ins will adversely affect worthy causes like Children in Need, seems to have been lost on the critics.
107) Though later commentators might sometimes debate about whether such supposed witlessness was "natural" or "ingrained" through the circumstances of "savagery" or slavery, (108) the presumption of defective reason was consistently pronounced in the history of early modern European encounters with Africans.
Odysseus is the paragon of intelligence and perseverance through years of suffering, unlike most of his contemporaries who "are always blaming the gods / for their troubles, when their own witlessness (atasthalia: recklessness, a total disregard for order and propriety) / causes them more than they were destined for
Grieve quotes from Herbarium of Apuleius, For witlessness, that is the devil sickness of demoniacal possession, take from the body of this said wort mandrake by weight of three pennies, administer to drink in warm water as he might find most convenient--soon he will be healed.
Her general witlessness is accentuated by her staccato speech on screen, which sounds as if she has learned her script phonetically, one word at a time.