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TO WIT. That is to say; namely; scilicet; (q.v.) videlicet. (q.v.)

TO WIT. To know, that is to say, namely. See Scilicet.

References in classic literature ?
Dryden's poetry does not make the tears start to our eye or the blood come to our cheek, but it flatters our ear with its smoothness and elegance; it tickles our fancy with its wit.
Such, therefore, were properly called the men of wit and pleasure; but I question whether the same appellation may, with the same propriety, be given to those young gentlemen of our times, who have the same ambition to be distinguished for parts.
Only short months before this head had been alive, he pondered, quick with wit, attached to a two-legged body that stood erect and that swaggered about, a loincloth and a belted automatic around its middle, more powerful, therefrom, than Bashti, but with less wit, for had not he, Bashti, with an ancient pistol, put darkness inside that skull where wit resided, and removed that skull from the soddenly relaxed framework of flesh and bone on which it had been supported to tread the earth and the deck of the Arangi?
What had become of that wit? Had that wit been all of the arrogant, upstanding Van Horn, and had it gone out as the flickering flame of a splinter of wood goes out when it is quite burnt to a powder-fluff of ash?
WITs are helping battlefield commander's get at their enemies with unprecedented success rates.
If William Gifford's legendary tales of the Mermaid Tavern have proven fictitious, Michelle O'Callaghan's English Wits sets out to offer a more plausible account.
General Services Administration as one of the companies to be awarded the Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS 3) contract.
The women's high level of education and well-to-do backgrounds, the Talmudic tradition of debate combined with a feminine propensity for chat, the long-standing function of Jews as financial (and cultural) middlemen, and the Hebrews' habit of "surviving by wit, negotiation, and improvisation" together yielded a striking number of turbo-shmoozers and culturistas.
Perhaps similar scenarios of hungry householders led to the building being named Wits End.
As their first step in seeking a cure, the WITs created an online form that asked for basic information: name, department, email, filename of new page or URL of existing page, and notes/instructions about
The WITS contract is a critical resource because the 88th Communications Group functions as the central focal point for widespread user components in providing responsive, customer-oriented, affordable information technology support.
It should be stated at the outset, however, that although it does attempt to provide a balanced picture of historical events, the book is not `neutral' in the sense that the author was himself a long serving member of the Wits administration and was asked by the current vice-chancellor of the university to write it.