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University Professor Biljana Vankovska comments for Nova Makedonija about the spy scandal that shook the country and writes that even the wittiest columnists are dead serious when the national security is at issue.
It's the slickest, wickedly wittiest, most delightfully choreographed cabaret spectacular of the year," says Michael.
The wittiest votes in each category will win a 70cl bottle of Penderyn Madeira Finish Welsh Whisky.
Come up with the wittiest caption for the photo and your winning entry will appear in next week's Sunday Mercury.
FORMER Celtic and Newcastle kid Paul Dalglish is fast becoming one of the wittiest exponents of Twitter.
The small amount of text is written in rhyming couplets and really acts as a pointer to the illustrations that flesh out the story in the wittiest way.
In light of these inspiring creative manifestations, rooted in collectivity and the mobilization of common interests, it only makes sense that upon returning to work, my first stop would be Makan's "The Wittiest Rhetoric," a video compilation of some of the most clever chants and slogans of the movement screened on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Despite being one of the wittiest characters to appear in the series, every time she turns up she seems to bring death and destruction in her wake - sometimes even her own
Mankoff, the reigning cartoon editor of The New Yorker, has compiled some of the wittiest panels of recent years that concentrate on one theme: is technology good or bad?
Even though he's only 15, he is the most mature person I know, and he's got the wittiest, most sarcastic sense of humor.
Brits have named Oscar Wilde as the greatest wit - while Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson also has a place in the wittiest top five.
the biggest scoops, the best showbiz, the hardest-hitting sport - it's all in your Sunday Mirror, along with the wittiest columnists in the land PLUS superb giveaways, like today's ace Winnie the Pooh audio CD, AND TWO free magazines, Homes & Holidays and Celebs on Sunday.