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TO WIT. That is to say; namely; scilicet; (q.v.) videlicet. (q.v.)

TO WIT. To know, that is to say, namely. See Scilicet.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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www.ardsarts.com OPERA FILM CLUB - THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO Date: Saturday 10 February Location: Portico, Portaferry Time: 7pm Introduced by opera critic Michael Quinn, Jonathan Dove's opera is a wittily inventive feast for the eyes and ears.
Relocating not just Andersen's yearning heroine but her entire royal family to dry land, Jan Balej's wittily designed stop-motion outing honors the sorrowful romantic narrative of the original tale to a far greater extent than the Mouse House's 1989 smash --despite a radical shift in milieu to the red-light district of a seamy city harbor.
Angus Black, president of the dramatic society, said: "Our dramatic society, said: "Our graphic designer has captured graphic designer has captured wittily and concisely the wittily and concisely the essence of the play in their essence of the play in their artwork." artwork."
Brightly shot, wittily edited, it's punchier than any of Will's many other sports comedies: a big 6.0 across the board.
This is a good book for young readers (and for those who read to them!) The story line is straightforward, simply told and wittily illustrated.
She wittily quipped "May the fourth be with you" to E!'s Ryan Seacrest, indicating that the due date as May 4th.
But this comedy of crosspurposes is wittily sustained, with the farcical carry-on threatening to give way to a dark streak that gives the play a bitter edge.
One of our favourite members of the family has to be Harry, who wittily let us into some secrets about his brother William's wedding.
The new site incorporates predictive search and an ability to preview search results make it easy for customers to find the firm's wittily named products, how-to videos and customer product reviews.
Webber then wittily chipped in with the remark: "And we're all invited as well."
Post-war Keene spent a year at Harvard and then Cambridge UK (engagingly and wittily recollected); he then joined Columbia University and an-nual trips to Japan followed.