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TO WIT. That is to say; namely; scilicet; (q.v.) videlicet. (q.v.)

TO WIT. To know, that is to say, namely. See Scilicet.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Very few women engage with content online, we are trying to regulate the industry instead of creating safe spaces for women within the online community," Witting highlighted the developmental goals that the UN were trying to implement such as creating spaces where marginalised people can both access communication devices and be online safely.
'In the final analysis, these kinds of Cha-cha are not really about improving the economy and our system and structure of the government, but the perpetuation and even exacerbation of the systemic and systematic repression and exploitation of the Filipino people through the federalism of the political and economic elite and their witting or unwitting proxies.'
An intelligence veteran said it was becoming clear that Trump 'is either a witting or unwitting Russian asset,' an opinion shared by others in the spying business.
The answer is simpler: It's because Putin has a (witting or unwitting) helpmate in Trump.
He said 'the employees had approached the court and we are witting for the court decision.
According to a person familiar with Simpsons testimony who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, Simpson did not mean to suggest the FBI had a direct, or witting, source of information from within the Trump campaign.
Hannah Relf, Malcolm's mentor and an increasingly witting and willing accomplice in the war "We can only defend democracy by being undemocratic."
For example, an insider threat to our cybersecurity may target specific sensitive information, classified programs or operations; and through witting collusion for private gain, may compromise that information to the detriment of our national security by either destroying or selling that information to a potential adversary.
This agreement will provide GFI with presence in all major countries in the MEA region and access to a wide partner network of over 10,000 new resellers," said Thomas Witting, VP Global Distribution Sales, GFI Software.
"And it raised questions in my mind again whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals." But he added, "I don't know whether such collusion existed." By the time he stepped down as CIA director in January, Brennan stressed, "I had unresolved questions in my mind about whether or not the Russians had been successful in getting US persons, involved in the campaign or not, to work on their behalf, again, either in a witting or unwitting fashion." The FBI's current investigation into a link between Trump's campaign and Russia is "certainly well founded and needed to look into these issues," said Brennan.
Zogby remains executive vice president of New Hartford, New York-based Scalzo, Zogby & Witting.