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TO WIT. That is to say; namely; scilicet; (q.v.) videlicet. (q.v.)

TO WIT. To know, that is to say, namely. See Scilicet.

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Witting said the owner's personal details in the database are never shared.
Without the lawyer's witting or unwitting collusion, a large part or most of these mortgage problems would have been avoided as, had the buyer become aware of these obstacles, he or she would simply not have bought the property.
A high number of homosexuals also report having negative parental relationships, most especially after disclosure (Alanko, Santtila, Witting, Varjonen, Jern, Johansson, et al.
Non-championship, Intermediates: 1 Scott Witting (Sherco) 22, 2 Jenson Little (Gas Gas) 59, 3 Philip Whitehead (Beta) 70.
That however does not erase the legitimate suspicion that they more than others were witting accomplices in IS' rise given the nature of their involvement with the Assad regime.
He told MPs the criticism came from "plain old Islamaphobia, either witting or unwitting".
And Lee Donaghy, Vice Principal of Park View School in Alum Rock, hit back at a damning Ofsted report by insisting the Trojan Horse controversy came from "plain old Islamaphobia, either witting or unwitting".
This history produced results both witting and unwitting and is labelled in this series as "the history of consequences.
By Kristin Witting, Senior Editor, Public Relations & Communications, ACDI/VOCA
Three iiber-dematerialized figures--perhaps the witting descendants, Elderfield suggests, of the Nereids in Rubens's Disembarkation at Marseilles, 1621-25--recede into the flatness of the ground, seemingly pure outline, "cutouts" a la late Matisse, save for the exquisite vagaries of the application of pigment, as red fades to pink, through which we see white.
The Birling son Eric was convincingly played by Jacob Rusling with just enough dim witting wastefulness of character.
It was a bit of a squeeze, with three teenagers witting in the back but we loved it and so did he for it was an exquisite machine and whenever we went abroad and stopped for petrol or food everyone would come out to see this incredible motor and long long bonnet to house the engine.