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5 million, though offshore, the girls' legs will again be wobblier.
Il Rustico's wobblier tiramisu definitely trumps the one
The housing market is wobblier than teenage binge drinker at chucking out (or should that be "up"?
Zhu (2006), "Which are the World's Wobblier Currencies?
The celebrations continued every night as more and more boats arrived - would appear my sea legs were still with me as they were somewhat wobblier than normal Wednesday, September 28Before I knew it race morning was upon me, and I was a little scared.
These books ease the busy jobs of directors, especially those new to the field, for they save a lot of time that directors would otherwise have to spend composing materials and searching for readings, often reinventing wobblier versions of wheels that others have developed and improved over the years.
Even if this hadn't come to light, Moore's investigation amounts to little more than sarcastic innuendo buttressing his wobblier arguments.
Search engines and publishers may be happy about this new model for now, but the third leg on the contextual ad stool--the advertisers who finance the system--is much wobblier.
We'reofficially the third most obese city in Britain, with the small consolation that only the Mancs and Stoke-on-Trent have Weebles which are wobblier.
And he sure as hell should have beaten an even wobblier Michael Campbell at The K Club.
And the normally upbeat Iron Chancellor Gordon Brown is sounding a lot wobblier about the way ahead.
One man stood on the wagon and scampered to pick up the sheaves, arranging them like bricks that interlocked to form an ever taller, wobblier heap.