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By using a dropdown menu on the Web page, for example, residents do not have to wonder if they should call the police, parks or recreation department, Wold said.
Graduating earlier this year, she was drafted to Staxton Wold and took up the commanding officer post in May.
Occasionally Wold tries to hit readers over the head with the point or moral of her poems and this makes the poems less effective.
In the ancient Near East section, Wold provides a glimpse of Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and other ancient Near East cultures; their concepts of order and fertility; and their laws, customs, and practices related to homosexuality.
Wold, who was president and chief executive officer, is chairman.
He asked the young English chemist Edward Howard to analyze specimens from Siena and Wold Cottage, which Banks conjectured came from meteors.
It concerns the implementation of nature measures at the site of the drents friese wold and leggelderveld.
Continuous ice fall and rock fall make the avalanche-prone area too dangerous for rescuers, Wold said.
Searchers will look for breaks in the weather to resume rescue efforts, Wold said.
Love life: Wold married his second wife, Elisabeth, in 1982 and together they have three grown-up sons.