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In such cases he saw himself as a young sun-god, as beautiful as the eye of dusky or even white womanhood had ever dwelt upon.
She was no longer a girl and hungered to reach into the grace and beauty of womanhood.
He wanted to love and to be loved by her, but he did not want at the mo- ment to be confused by her womanhood.
Indeed, the same dark question often rose into her mind with reference to the whole race of womanhood.
The duplicity of Ministers, the treachery of mankind, the insult to womanhood, the setback to civilization, the ruin of her life's work, the feelings of her father's daughter--all these topics were discussed in turn, and the office was littered with newspaper cuttings branded with the blue, if ambiguous, marks of her displeasure.
She noticed how young she was and full of the promise of womanhood.
All three wore suits of thin silver gray (their best gowns for the summer), with blush roses in hair and bosom, and all three looked just what they were, fresh-faced, happy-hearted girls, pausing a moment in their busy lives to read with wistful eyes the sweetest chapter in the romance of womanhood.
Let us talk no more of death, let us rather speak of our childhood, when we wandered hand in hand; let us talk also of our love, and of the happy hours that we have spent since your great axe rang upon the rock in the Halakazi caves, and my fear told you the secret of my womanhood.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Mar 08 (ANI): On the occasion of International Women's Day, Google Doodle - or Doodles would be more appropriate - have tried to share the spirit of womanhood with the world.
Instead, I consider trauma to be woven into the history of black womanhood in this country
My own experiences and womanhood have varied and have made me stronger and so this project began in hopes of starting something--a record of sorts--documenting a few, as many as I can, stories on what the womanhood experience is and means to us as individuals.
The book relies heavily on personal accounts of Black motherhood and womanhood to disrupt failed attempts at understanding the Black maternal experience and encourage further research and academic discourse on topics that concern Black women and mothers.