wonder about

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I wonder about this when I'm on a train and someone is occupying a second seat with a bag - and then takes umbrage when they are asked to move the bag so a fellow human being can occupy the seat instead.
As we make our way to and from work, read the paper, chat with friends, or people--watch as we sit in a cafe, we wonder about the lives of others, how things work and why things happen.
Across her book, and explicitly in the first chapter, Kareem shows how fiction, on one hand, and early-century empiricism, Protestant doctrine, and later-century skeptical philosophy, on the other, all strive to create wonder about the everyday by making the familiar strange.
Over the past few years I continue to wonder about many things and, as time goes on, the things that I wonder about continue to mount.
I wonder about the drop crossings on the stretch of Manchester Road and why, as yet, there is no safe way to cross three lanes of traffic.
Adding to this anti-Grierson worldview--seeing isn't always believing--Mettler's ambivalence toward the technology of his chosen medium and his profound sense of wonder about the world, the paradoxes threaten to paralyze.
This role confusion led him to wonder about how well he--or any other mons ter--could play either side.
Marston's personal life was every bit as unconventional as his ideas about matriarchy; if nothing else, the details make one wonder about his fixation on liberated women.