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27) This practice, well-attested for other relic shrines as well, allows the sick person to consume a substance that, by contact with the powerful relic, was believed to share its wonderworking property.
But they lived a span of years that enabled many who weren't there in the beginning to affirm their lives and their deeply held faith in a wonderworking God.
Just as the saint's pallium--the signum of his institutional authority--is hidden away, so too are the firsthand accounts of the saint's wonderworking powers.
At one point during the fairly brief wonderworking segment of the Life, the sacred biographer stands back from his material and asks: "Why should [these deeds] remain a secret when [Solus] is a doctor of health-giving salvation (ipse salutiferae medicus salutis est)?
Just as Sualo's body is hidden away in the mountains of southeastern Germania, the testimonies of the spectators of his wonderworking virtus similarly are kept secret until after the holy man's death.