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The white worm can be distinguished from a standard-issue British dragon by its pallor and its wonted diet of milk.
744-748), because she wonted to share her love of nature, and the flowers and butterflies in the quilt reminded her of her own garden.
But whatever it is, Samsung is still wonted to launch new features like its new Ultra Power Saving Mode feature, which will be present on the AMOLED tablets.
This is of especial interest to the degree that the essay, with its generic indeterminacy, best records the imprint of the mind of its conceiver: a persons natural endowment of reticence, fluent wisdom, or boisterousness, unsuppressed by convention, show themselves in the essay in their wonted proportions.
He suggests that the Christians of Corinth "retayned much of their wonted libertie, and retayned againe the maners of their citie: but when synnes runne at randon without punishment, custome is taken for a lawe: then vayne colours are sought to excuse the same: as did these, who got them under the shadowe of Christian libertie, that they might make all things almost lawfull unto them" (I4r).
We wonted the main space to be one big room where we could ail be comfortable at once," says Don.
The Institution's thanks for the visit to the Illinois Tunnel Company reads: "The mechanical engineer is entirely wonted to the experience that some of his most successful achievements are where the eye of the superficial observer knows nothing of their real excellence.
6 Rathaille's "sadly peripheralized state--eating subsistence food, lacking shoes, being socially and geographically marginalized by the sea, lacking his wonted respect, lying supine and bereft of strength--links his own suffering to that of the country, itself becoming more distinctly a part of Britain's colonial periphery within a larger imperial economy" (77).
The tragedy is compounded as Central and State governments pretend deafness when civil society challenges the "fake encounter", a euphemism for cold blooded extra judicial execution by the armed police, and the country's much wonted judicial system cannot intervene to examine the circumstances in which a bunch of young men meet their death in such a brutal manner.
Queen and huntress, chaste and fair, Now the sun is laid to sleep, Seated in thy silver chair, State is wonted manner keep: Hesperus entreats thy light, Goddess excellently bright.
In a letter dated from "The Courte" in May 1591, Lord Strange, invoking "your wonted kinde regards," asked "if in this plasse I may in your absence doo you any friendly offis.
The flood has subsided, the river is again flowing normally in its wonted bed.