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The fragmented and entrepreneurial nature of fiber and recyclable container collection in China has meant that Fook Woo has in most cases sought alliances with such collectors rather than trying to replace them.
Duffy read her brief laudatory statement about Woo.
By comparison, a dirty bomb is more likely than a nuclear bomb, but would not have the lethality of a biological weapon like anthrax or smallpox," Woo said.
Woo also spent years disparaging Walter, the patient's pet pot-bellied pig, according to court documents.
A One NorthEast spokesman said: "We have an option to recover this grant from the parent company - the Woo One Corporation in Seoul - which we will now be pursuing.
Cross-training, corporate educational tapes and managerial classes have been crucial ingredients in helping Woo with her responsibilities of overseeing a 10,000-square-foot sales floor, a 900-square-foot pharmacy and a 3,000-square-foot stockroom.
From the front, he looks like [former boxer] Leon Spinks," bar owner Jimmie Rittenberg told Telender in the column that kicked off a fund to buy a set of false teeth for Ronnie Woo.
Within the contemporary genre of action movies, the films of John Woo would certainly lend themselves to such analyses.
Holding a bouquet given by a human rights leader, Mr Woo said with a smile that he was in relatively good health, despite a stroke suffered several years ago.
Borrowing much from Steven Seagal's Under Siege 2 (1995)(1), but lacking Eric Bogosian's deliberately hilarious "comedian as villain" performance, Broken Arrow deals with such Woo themes as friendship and betrayal, themes also common to the Shaw Brothers' work of veteran director Chang Che whom Woo worked with in the early 70s.
Like Chan, Woo started out in the 1970s, directing his share of kung fu films and slapstick comedies.