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Kate initially seems outraged at the prospective match; but unlike Katherina (who twice calls out her suitor's boasting), the quarto bride merely calls her wooer 'an ass' and a 'brainsick man' (3.
Middleton's masterstroke with respect to gender identity, however, comes with his second strike against the opacity of the cross-dressed boy actor via the pregnant Page, newly entered into the household of the widowed Duchess as a present from her would-be wooer, Lactantio.
Rumpus Theatre Company presents Captain Murderer - a Gothic chiller involving a serial wooer of a title character whose brides come to a sticky end.
Kindness of wooed and wooer Seems shame to their love pure.
It is a dialogue from TN between Maria and her lady's wooer, Sir Andrew, witnessed by Sir Toby, Maria's suitor, who remains a mute party until the final turn of the interaction.
A garnison she was of al goodnesse" is how the unsuccessful wooer in Alain Chartier's poem describes his belle dame (Allegory 235); to Rilian, his captor "is a nosegay of all virtues" (Silver Chair 139).
Then comes a symmetrical scene in which Bayram, a friend of al-Mutayyam and supporter of his pursuit of the attractive al-Yutayyim, brings encouragement to the wooer and predicts his success.
However, we're 86 Aberdeenshire castle once owned by Clan Irvine (4) 87 Be familiar with (4) 90 Admirer, wooer (6) 91 Using a triangular piece of wood for fixing (7) 92 Prevents, obstructs (7) 93 Small changing room (7) 96 Found fault with constantly (6) 97 Hiccup, setback (6) 99 Saudi ___, country (6) 101 Be nosey (3) 102 Dodge work (5) 103 Was upright as opposed to seated (5) 105 Pleat or crease (4) 106 Press clothes (4) 107 Affectionate, loving (4) 108 Beach's yellow grains (4)
In the midst of life, she is kidnapped by "Death" personified as a gentleman, a suitor, a wooer who always gets his lady and whose sudden appearance leaves the speaker of the poem no choice but to ride along with him and, thus, start thinking about mortality.
Various meanings of "fytte" are then posed by the author--from the moral to the physical--and she implies that Godlene's mentioning that the hat "fit" her head suggests a mutually felt intimacy between wooed and wooer with the female body (294).
Esther so influences Nucingen that his identity as a financier is ruined: he is transformed from a heartless capitalist to a lovesick wooer.
In this he seeks to "rebalance the traditional focus in scholarly studies on the male protagonists of Konig Rother and the rivalry between wooer and father, Rother and Constantin" (iv).