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De palabra en palabra is the title of the exhibition catalogue, and indeed, word for word, world-pictures are created whenever someone explains the choice of some personal effect or recounts a memory--when a projectionist, for instance, rattles off his account of the film playing in the cinema and comments on the reactions of the audience.
The first two briefed the American official about the general situation in Iraq and the Middle East, and what would happen in Iraq, "and it's happened word for word since," says Ghorbanifar.
The crowd went crazy as they chanted the song word for word along with the band.
Tomorrow is a special day for young people when Tim Baker's three plays, The Secret, Word for Word and Flora's War, can all be seen in the Emlyn Williams Theatre.
Standing backstage, listening to the rest of the rousing speeches, Achtenberg admits to a sudden attack of nerves, "Even though I knew the speech word for word, I stood back there, wondering how I was going to stack up," she recalls.
People who have taken part in the Word for Word project were meeting at Atherstone Leisure Centre to discuss ways of improving literacy and educational attainment.