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"Well," said he, "I hardly know; we always liked to hear the trumpet sound, and to be called out, and were impatient to start off, though sometimes we had to stand for hours, waiting for the word of command; and when the word was given we used to spring forward as gayly and eagerly as if there were no cannon balls, bayonets, or bullets.
Then, turning round towards his troop, he gave the word of command, --
Pickwick was right--the firing ceased; but he had scarcely time to congratulate himself on the accuracy of his opinion, when a quick movement was visible in the line; the hoarse shout of the word of command ran along it, and before either of the party could form a guess at the meaning of this new manoeuvre, the whole of the half-dozen regiments, with fixed bayonets, charged at double-quick time down upon the very spot on which Mr.
The panglima Ninaka of the Signana Dyaks who manned Muda Saffir's war prahu saw his chief disappear beneath the swift waters of the river, but the word of command that would have sent the boat hurriedly back to pick up the swimmer was not given.
Osborne, my dear; and as for my Mick, I often tell him he should never open his mouth but to give the word of command, or to put meat and drink into it.
Sambo disclosed that part of the criteria of the competition includes the participants' neatness, accuracy, word of command and its timing, alertness of salutation and aliment of the contingent.
On the word of command they must rise, march, run, endure bad weather, go without sleep or food, be isolated in some distant post, work till they drop.
He was a neat precise little man with fair hair and not a very strong word of command, but a first-class soldier.
Logisticians highlight the importance of military supplies by quoting the famous Napoleonic dictum that "Armies march on their bellies." After having spent a lifetime in the army let me underscore the importance of language in the military scheme of things by stating that "Armies move on the word of command." I think no one will disagree with me, when I say that no campaign can be launched without an appropriate and well thought out operational plan, accompanied by a host of contingencies.
He explained what the exercise was about and then said: "On the word of command, everyone to the top - now!"
At the word of command from the quar termaster, each man being previously placed back to back, shall turn and fire immediately.
The obedient state in which humanity existed in the primal state has been divided, for "what in us breaks hopelessly asunder--the word of command and what takes place--is for God indissolubly one.