word of explanation

See: comment, note
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Having added an ingredient, he handed it back with a word of explanation.
Raoul stopped, bit his lips, and then with the blood mantling in his face, he said, courageously, -- "One word of explanation, I beg, monsieur.
You cannot break with him without a word of explanation.
She took the little one from the nurse's arms with no word of explanation, and descending the steps, walked away, under the live-oak branches.
In an instant I saw that by attacking the Okarians from the rear I could so quickly disorganize them that their further resistance would be short-lived, and with this idea in mind I sprang from the dais, casting a word of explanation to Dejah Thoris over my shoulder, though I did not turn to look at her.
Without a word of explanation the warriors seized the young officer and threw him to the ground upon his face.
If I could only send a word of explanation I know he would not leave me.
Nor is it necessary: for, before a syllable occurred to him, Dolly Varden came running into the room, in tears, threw herself on Joe's breast without a word of explanation, and clasped her white arms round his neck.
Without another word of explanation she pulled her veil down over her face, and made for the gate.
Old Benjamin stooped over me, and whispered a word of explanation.
Second, that they thoroughly understood each other, without having previously exchanged a word of explanation on either side.
Then as she turned toward me, evidently with a word of explanation on her lips, her eyes suddenly widened as they rested upon me, and with a little exclamation she started toward me.