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But Hillenbrand's word pictures of Zamperini's life under one particularly evil guard, named The Bird by the prisoners, had my stomach in knots.
It employs an energetic and often colloquial style (referring often to "Cuffees" and "rednecks") that paints word pictures of "striking individuals and fetching places" (vii).
Throughout the twists and turns of this story Limon paints incredible word pictures of the sights sounds and smells of Seoul and the culture that inhabits it.
He paints word pictures of the smoldering poison of hatred, of love turned to loathing, and of the gift of freedom found in forgiveness.
Adam's is able to paint compelling word pictures that make his characters memorable and his dialogues engaging.
The word pictures painted are not realistic, but the mind and heart are drawn into a landscape where life is dramatically different.
Linguists from around the world who specialize in sign language explore variation within the modality of sign, considering such areas as word pictures, negation, auxiliaries, constituent order, sentence types, modal particles, and role shift.
The narrator's voice paints detailed word pictures of each unique character and setting.
But I am most impressed by Sara's way of painting word pictures in narrative sermons.
Where the diary excels is not in word pictures of heroism and gallantry but in describing the day to day existence with its rounds of intense action, death and destruction followed by boredom, weariness, disintegrating braces, dirt, bad food, toothache, lack of mail and endless gossip exchanged in what passed for toilets ('latrinograms').
CBS News was prepared for Katrina, and its correspondents painted splendid word pictures of a rapidly deteriorating situation.