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Well, we say, that's business; that's Competition--which flashes up a new word picture.
Once again, Romney went back into his persuasive tool belt and used his favorite tactic-painting emotional word pictures.
having mined her own life experience, the author can repeat the moving tenor and piquant word pictures of the verse of this novel in future books.
But Hillenbrand's word pictures of Zamperini's life under one particularly evil guard, named The Bird by the prisoners, had my stomach in knots.
He paints word pictures of the smoldering poison of hatred, of love turned to loathing, and of the gift of freedom found in forgiveness.
In addition to the spoken word pictures and phrases, Doc Holiday contributes music that helps to elicit emotions and images.
Adam's is able to paint compelling word pictures that make his characters memorable and his dialogues engaging.
Hart gives us red herrings and romantic tension, but his heart clearly is in painting word pictures that show how Adam's view of the world is filtered through his pain.
The word pictures painted are not realistic, but the mind and heart are drawn into a landscape where life is dramatically different.
Linguists from around the world who specialize in sign language explore variation within the modality of sign, considering such areas as word pictures, negation, auxiliaries, constituent order, sentence types, modal particles, and role shift.
The narrator's voice paints detailed word pictures of each unique character and setting.
Denis Waitley has painted word pictures of optimism, core values, motivation and resiliency that have become indelible and legendary in their positive impact on society.