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The data we give them is generally a lot wordier than the 140-character limit they have to use, so they have to find ways of compressing it.
But its terse assertiveness comes at the cost of the modesty of King's wordier original statement, "If you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice.
Such nominalisations are much wordier than the verb itself and add to a more complicated syntax of the legal texts.
Brooklyn's Finest is wordier than The Town and not as well oiled, but it's still a gripping piece of modern cinema given some star quality from Richard Gere.
560/1165, from which appropriate moral lessons are to be drawn by both authors, although Abu Shama is wordier and thus more explicit, bringing into his discussion the matter of the ideal ruler, a matter that concerns him throughout his work.
All the responses were essentially the same, some being wordier than others.
The forms got longer, the sentences got wordier, the active voice got scarcer, and the reading-difficulty level got higher (by a mean of 0.
As mentioned, the rigorous regulatory requirements in the United States lead to wordier, more detailed, and hence longer privacy statements that may be perceived as less comprehensible by potential readers.
Granted, my suggestion is wordier but, in my opinion, more correct.
Gray Rabbit and Friends is a softcover storybook perfect for young readers who have graduated from picturebooks are ready to start enjoying wordier fare.
All would only have been wordier, more expensive versions of what I learned at age 15 at JLT at Philmont.
However, because Florentine history and Florentine physical characteristics from 1300 to 1600 form the background to all the essays, there is considerable repetition, which makes the book, taken as a whole, longer and wordier than necessary.