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Writers who heed this advice also avoid most of the common grammar pitfalls: run-on sentences, redundancies, wordiness, passive voice, and sentences ending with prepositions.
Given its philosophical bent and comparative wordiness, Capriccio has been .
Learning these skills impacts the academic writing of students, helping them cultivate stronger voices and creativity and combat wordiness in their essays.
This writing handbook begins by outlining characteristics of effective business writing, then covers organizing business documents, paragraph development and sequencing, developing a persuasive argument, and enhancing readability, as well as avoiding the passive voice, taming abstract words, dealing with jargon and wordiness, and tone for various types of messages.
Alas, her bitterness and a tendency towards wordiness may turn off some readers.
Without loss of meaning, they have sensibly compressed needless repetition and reduced instances of wordiness, such as in passages on King Elinas's death (p.
He describes his steps as a path towards "fog-free writing," and includes solutions for wordiness, passive voice, excessive use of certain kinds of words (e.
He describes Acrolinx as a tool that authors can use to get feedback on the simple language problems, such as spelling and grammar, as well as style, wordiness of phrases, passive voice, and second- or third-person rules.
WORDINESS has been in tremendous form since the turn of the year and has an excellent opportunity to bag a fourth consecutive victory at Lingfield.
A potential problem for international ands is the pic's wordiness.
However, the wordiness does demand close attention to keep up with the different threads and understand how they finally weave together.
For many students, who often complain about having to read even nineteenth-century English novels because of the wordiness of the writing style, the passage is more problematic, more challenging.