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It carried a message to him beyond its mere wording.
It is written in the Spenserian stanza, with here and there songs and ballads in other meters, and in the first few verses there is even an affectation of Spenserian wording.
The wording of the invitation and the manner of the messenger threw me entirely off my guard, so cordial was the one and respectful the other, and the result was that I went willingly, telling Ajor that I would return presently.
When examined at a later date, there appeared to be nothing heretical in the wording of the text, some authors even went so far as to deny that the heretical propositions had any real existence.
I entreat the attention of the jury to the wording of this document--"Apartments furnished for a single gentleman"
But her own answer, though more normal in its wording, had been to the same effect.
Flora de Barral, still seated before the table at which she had been wording on her sketch, raised her head at the noise of the opening door.
And he read aloud to me in his remarkable style, paralleling the text with a running criticism and commentary, lucidly wording involved and lumbering periods, casting side and cross lights upon the subject, introducing points the author had blundered past and objections he had ignored, catching up lost ends, flinging a contrast into a paradox and reducing it to a coherent and succinctly stated truth--in short, flashing his luminous genius in a blaze of fire over pages erstwhile dull and heavy and lifeless.
As for the wording of the note, the spirit of usury alone could have inspired a sentence so imperative, so insolently curt and cruel, which said all and revealed nothing.
The minister was talking to the media outside the Punjab Assembly, defending Monday's decision by the prime minister to take the issue of the judges' remarks and the wordings of judgements to the parliament.
It was interesting reading Fr, Paul Turner's sanguine projection of how easily Catholics will adjust to the new wordings of our prayers (NCR, July 23).
At the beginning of September 2007 the Constitutional Court of the Kyrgyz Republic invalidated the process of adoption of the November and December wordings of the Constitution by the Parliament.