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In this emotionally charged, wordless story, told in beautifully rendered cartoon images, a man and his young daughter join a peaceful protest.
Summary: Shaikha Budoor tours unique exhibition of wordless picture books
Boat of Dreams doesn't look like a picture book presentation at first because it's twice as thick as most picture books; but further examination shows it's a wordless picture story that features full-page, large-size color drawings throughout as it tells of an old man who lives on a desert island with a seagull and a boy and his cat who live in an empty city.
Wordless double-page spreads enhance the action of the chase, which leads to some perilous page-turning moments of suspense.
Summary: Visitors will see 54 wordless picture books - 51 from 18 countries, which are part of the 2015 Silent Book Collection; and three from the Arab region.
A wordless story featuring a little sailing boat as Cat casts out his line to catch a fish in a busy, healthy ocean, but when a big, smoking trawler casts its mighty net, no fish is left uncaught.
1) Lena Merhej's 2012 Machine /aa[euro]*aaaeaa[euro][umlaut], enigmatically subtitled"a story about drama," is a wordless exploration of war, refugee life, protest, and violence seen through and by women's bodies.
Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones' is a wordless and imaginative puppet comedy show for all ages running for 50 minutes.
The final paper, Emergent Reading Comprehension: Social Imagination and Kindergarteners' Readings of a Wordless Picture Book, by Judith Lysaker, Kelly Shaw and Zaira Arvelo Alicia, reports on a cross-case analysis of six young children's wordless book readings.
A wordless tale about a hapless skunk who finds himself tied to the string of a balloon.
The undertone of a wordless answer to loneliness and doubt runs beneath its lines of elegantly crafted prose.
We're sorry to report that our friend Roy Doty, the creator of Wordless Workshop, passed away this year at the age of 93.