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On the other hand, Tim and Laura, who had had more experiences with wordless books, expressed no surprise at the lack of print within the texts.
These findings in no way diminish the importance of reading printed books, but incorporating interactions with wordless books is a way to build a more solid literacy foundation in children with developmental disabilities.
There's a lot of skulking around, so Mastroianni's performance is often hilariously wordless.
Intended for children ages 3-8, Hank Finds an Egg is a completely wordless children's picturebook.
Visual gags with creative graphic novel twists are the hallmark of MISTER I, a simple, fun little man who appears in full-color, tiny panels of wordless mishaps.
At fifty-four, she has carved out a unique, brilliant style of wordless singing that treats the voice as a dancing voice and movement as a singing body.
This wonderful wordless book for younger readers uses a comic book or perhaps graphic novel approach to tell the tale of a boy and a dog.
Darkly mysterious, the music features Gerrard's wordless vocals, recalling Gregorian chants, underpinned by synths, dulcimer, bouzoukis and other unusual instruments.
Her wordless held notes against sparse piano chords and gruff, popping notes from Maltese's bass clarinet are particularly striking and bring a humanity sometimes missing from the duo pieces which have preceded it.
The woman's wordless, ritual-like action is accompanied by the banging of kitchen utensils and disturbed only by the engine noise of the approaching and disappearing airplanes.
In fact, the contact is the content, much as a loved one's wordless hello or goodbye kiss.
Coyote Run is an entirely wordless, surreal picturebook featuring anthropomorphic in a setting that blurs the line between American West homage and the light fantastic.