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The reader who acts on DeLillo's revelation and turns from the last page back to the first begins to sense that Bucky has already lived through subsequent experiences and at times seems to know what is going to happen later in the book, as when he says that the birthday party given by Opel will "be the last party" or when he anticipates his "shift in levels from isolation to solitude to wordlessness to immobility" (68, 86).
192), so she becomes aware of the silence or wordlessness gathering around her sexual being.
Is it that wordlessness that prompts you to work in film for certain projects rather than in theatre?
In the absence of conversation in the Heaven of Paradise Lost, Milton artfully explores wordlessness and the Word.
Speech therapists tried all sorts of techniques to get Calum to talk, but though they helped him get better control of his mouth and throat muscles, they could not break his wordlessness.
There is the same association between the grin and wordlessness in Grettis saga.
Imbedded in the textual appeal to wordlessness, then, is the notion of language as the site and symptom of difference.
Or he is transported by thought of the Creator, albeit noting divine wordlessness.
Her wordlessness is an expression of her timidity, but something else too.
The voice-over technique underscores the wordlessness of the on-screen people and Tomkowicz's alienation in the midst of a bustling urban winter vista.