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DRAKULIC: You mentioned wordlessness and how difficult it is to put fear and pain--or what make you paralyzed--into words.
In our human relationships, such wordlessness is both common and rare.
As we shall see, Des Forets's text continually plays upon the relationship of speech and silence, suggesting that speech refuses silence at the same time that it reaffirms it--a complicated paradox that reveals the impossibility of truly distinguishing the seemingly opposing poles of the continual production or words and wordlessness.
Philip, seeing the Capitol, goes in the space of a paragraph from a child's wordlessness ("biggest white thing") to a similarly naive (if more adult) claim that they have "driven right to the very heart of American history" (58).
How would he respond to the idea that what I've been saying so far amounts to a claim for a kind of ethical balance, or ethical composure, in some pictures I admire, and that I feel pictures in general may be uniquely equipped, by dint of their wordlessness, to strike such a balance?
The wordlessness of the form abetted its content, allowing the books to traverse the nationalist boundaries of language and even the class boundaries of literacy.
This silenced difference, Clare realizes, also defines her own identity, and Clare will strive to understand the wordlessness of her mother and make up for it through the recuperation of a rather female-centered Jamaican history of colonial resistance.
In short, even as the details of Merrick's death are gradually revealed (but only to a point, as we never find out who actually killed him), Scott has already made it clear that the "'official" record has repressed these details to the point of wordlessness.
He read it and then with matching wordlessness pocketed it while we continued talking about other things.
Yet it is strange that specific words he experiences and hears during this period of wordlessness appear in the lyrics of his "Tape 4, The Mountain Tapes," which are arbitrarily inserted between chapters 20 and 21.