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They differ by the fact that the images that constitute memories, unlike those that constitute imagination, are accompanied by a feeling of belief which may be expressed in the words "this happened." The mere occurrence of images, without this feeling of belief, constitutes imagination; it is the element of belief that is the distinctive thing in memory.*
I suppose that in all languages the similarities of look and sound between words which have no similarity in meaning are a fruitful source of perplexity to the foreigner.
At first it asks only for stories, then it asks for history for its own sake, and for poetry for its own sake; history, I mean, for the knowledge it gives us of the past; poetry for joy in the beautiful words, and not merely for the stories they tell.
Now "God" was no word in Jerry's vocabulary, despite the fact that he already possessed a definite and fairly large vocabulary.
Underneath these wild words ran always that hard note of truth.
I would sit at my desk and dally with pad and pen, but words refused to flow.
Will you put it in your own words? Or shall I write it for you, imitating your language as well as I can?"
night - and I will explain the matter in the fewest words. I promised Mr.
But he had begun talking, and the more he talked the less could he control his words.
His text was from the words, 'Joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.
If you cannot tell your right side from your left, I fear that no words of mine can make my meaning clear to you.
Sometimes too we qualify the metaphor by adding the term to which the proper word is relative.