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He was not so much annoyed that he had not received the post, that he had been conspicuously passed over; but it was incomprehensible, amazing to him that they did not see that the wordy phrase-monger Stremov was the last man fit for it.
Here, when wordy discussions on all subjects under the sun were not being waged, Billy played at cut-throat Pedro, horrible fives, bridge, and pinochle.
Mordaunt, completely deceived by the wordy civility of D'Artagnan, smiled like a man who understands perfectly the reasons given him, and said:
It was quite a wordy sarmon that Parson Grant gave us to-night,” said Remarkable.
All day amid that incessant and mysterious menace our two Professors watched every bird upon the wing, and every shrub upon the bank, with many a sharp wordy contention, when the snarl of Summerlee came quick upon the deep growl of Challenger, but with no more sense of danger and no more reference to drum-beating Indians than if they were seated together in the smoking-room of the Royal Society's Club in St.
He read: "'There came from his lips no wordy protestation such as formal lovers use.
endless processes filling the vast spaces planked out of his sight by that wordy ignorance which he had supposed to be knowledge.
One was a tramp, another was a labor agitator, a third was a law- school student, and the remainder was composed of wordy workingmen.
Even allowing for the difference between the Championship and the Premier League and for all the wordy explanations of why he was allowed to leave, Mitrovic's form should be an embarrassment to Benitez.
Professor Dabblebee Dun is a carefree wizard and inventor who goes on adventures with his animated friends, including a young dictionary named Wordy.
I can't look at the eyes of these children because whenever I see them, they keep telling me, not wordy but with eyes 'We want to get rid of these all.
I'LL GET MY COAT Stage adaptation is wordy and difficult to follow