work against

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It has been a custom with princes, in order to hold their states more securely, to build fortresses that may serve as a bridle and bit to those who might design to work against them, and as a place of refuge from a first attack.
It was annoying to come upon that everlasting slovenliness in the farm work against which he had been striving with all his might for so many years.
I expect to work with both hands,--to work hard; to work against all sorts of difficulties and discouragements; and to work till I die.
Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram received her very kindly; and Sir Thomas, seeing how much she needed encouragement, tried to be all that was conciliating: but he had to work against a most untoward gravity of deportment; and Lady Bertram, without taking half so much trouble, or speaking one word where he spoke ten, by the mere aid of a good-humoured smile, became immediately the less awful character of the two.
Maggie was sitting with her work against the latter window when she saw Mr.
Well, the devil may work against us for all he's worth, but God sends us men when we want them.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Protective work against rockslides and landslides rue de kermadiou and rue du chteau in morlaix
Abdul Qadir Baloch said that Balochistan Liberation Army was fully banned here and no one should permit such organization to work against Pakistan.
Also, 53 percent said that antibiotics are effective against viral infections, 40 percent said they work against the common cold and 48 percent said they fight the flu.
Meanwhile, A survey conducted by Charsadda Press Club states that police failed to work against robbers, street crimes and car snatching in the area.
Which trait is most likely to work against you: if you're ugly, if you're fat, if you're short, or if you're Jewish?
16 ( ANI ): A team of researchers has designed compounds that can work against drug-resistant strains of malaria parasites.

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