work at cross purposes

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It is high time the president reined in the tendency for his appointees to work at cross purposes and engendered orderliness and concord among government institutions, the Presidency and his government in general.
Different departments work at cross purposes due lack of a substantive director.
When you do both, they cancel each other out--they work at cross purposes.
Aid agencies arrive immediately after disaster strikes but their relief efforts sometimes work at cross purposes.
They offer a variety of tools, exercises, and examples from several industries such as Walmart, Pfizer, and Amazon to help companies learn how to create a strategically coherent company in which key elements reinforce each other rather than work at cross purposes.
Oddly, some of these proteins work at cross purposes.
And to the extent that doctors are justifiably fearful, to the extent that the law actually does work at cross purposes with ethics and medicine, what can we recommend to policymakers to change the law?
When patients have both disorders simultaneously, it can also mean that their treatments will work at cross purposes.
It also would be possible to better coordinate the efforts of educational agencies and institutions that might otherwise work at cross purposes and to reduce needless duplication of effort.
However, GAO identified other vehicle purchasing incentives that may work at cross purposes to those intended to reduce fuel consumption.
Supply chain and logistics compensation and incentive programs in most organizations work at cross purposes to the business.
And you and someone close can start to work at cross purposes.