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Those information specialists will search databases on work force topics and funding resources, furnish relevant publications and connect users to work force experts and federal programs, among other information.
Recent statistics show that less that one-quarter of Americans see the graying of the work force as a problem for the government.
Without preparation and long-term thinking, employers could find themselves ill-prepared to deal with work force shifts.
BELOUS PROVIDES TWO ESTIMATES OF THE size of the contingent work force.
To some extent, the contingent work force is growing because the supply of people who want these jobs is expanding.
As we strive to become a nation of students, we are aware of the importance of finding innovative approaches to training all of tomorrow's work force.
The Web page lists books, newsletters and articles regarding current work force trends and contains Work Force Committee progress, work force news and a Resources section with links to various work force related Web sites.
Between 1980 and 2000, the public health work force dwindled by 50,000 workers.
In general, he says, Pitney Bowes has established certain core principles for leading a diverse work force and uses them as a guide when issues or conflicts arise.
Employees in a restructured work force are waiting to be energized, to be given a framework for past change and a vision of future transformation that makes sense to them.
Of its 249,087 employees, blacks make up 15% of the work force and 8.
T contends that the assembled work force is an asset separate and distinct from goodwill or going-concern value and that this asset has an ascertainable limited useful life.