work jointly

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With its focus on the ATA Carnet system which has been introduced and implemented by Dubai Chamber and is supported by Dubai Customs, the meeting also helped exchange expertise, knowledge and best practices in line with the government s directives to work jointly in serving the customers.
Summary: Islamabad, Jumada II 18, 1432, May 21, 2011, SPA - Pakistan has expressed its desire to strengthen trade ties with the Republic of Azerbaijan and to work jointly in this area.
ISLAMABAD, April 30, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- State Minister for Ports and Shipping Nabeel Ahmed Gabol Thursday urged mainstream political parties to work jointly for defeating elements who wanted to disturb law and order in Karachi.
NGMN Limited will work jointly on a strategy for the next generation mobile communication network succeeding HSPA and EVDO in offering an innovative service platform.
The two firms plan to work jointly where appropriate.
They also agreed to work jointly to have trade and professional groups, including the American Bar Assn.
GDT and RESPONSE will work jointly to further refine data specifications based on the needs of RESPONSE and its customers.
Generally, the taxpayer and the Service work jointly in submitting the request for technical advice, although sometimes the taxpayer may have to appeal the revenue agent's or appeals officer's determination not to seek technical advice.
Both groups plan to work together to coordinate positions on issues, facilitate the exchange of information about programs, promote membership and work jointly on special projects and services.
as part of an agreement that will enable the two brokers to work jointly on selected real estate transactions, announced president Ron Rosetto.
Scientists have hoped Phobos 1 would work jointly this month with the Earth-orbiting U.