work side by side with

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The Dutch Competition Act does not apply to independent contractors who work side by side with employees
He also hoped that the new leadership will work side by side with government to extend its reforms agenda.
Meghan Jenkins, a former Vice President and Head of Strategy for NBA Asia, will now work side by side with ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong in extending the mixed martial arts promotion's global reach.
"Tomorrow we will work side by side with you to fight back against those who seek to destroy our way of life.
President Al-Bashir has asserted in his messege the commitment of the Sudan to work side by side with Brazil in order to consolidate the friendship and partnership between the two friendly countries, and to strengthen the cooperation on the issues of mutual concern in the regional and international organizations and forums, wishing the President of Brazil success and progress and prosperity for her country.
There were no ISAF casualties and the base is secured..." There was no impact on operational activity, the NATO -led force said, promising it would continue to work side by side with their Afghan partners to accomplish the mission at hand.
The press will also offer an opportunity for students to receive credit and work side by side with faculty while reviewing, editing and preparing manuscripts for the printing process.
There are developments around two arm robots that can work side by side with people.
The agents work side by side with many police departments, including Baltimore's, where more than half of the people in the Violence Prevention Initiative live.
Schloss and Joachim are just the kind of guys you want to work side by side with both over the marinade-crusted grates or ink-stained desk.
He stressed that Omantel will work side by side with the new consortium in improving the sector.
Nephrologists at Genesys will oversee the care of their patients and work side by side with Henry Oh, MD., director of Transplant Surgery at SJH&MC transplant surgeon.