work toward

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It might be that the unalluring secrecy and reserve of one sister, the all-attractive openness and high spirits of the other, were more or less referable, in each case, to those physical causes which work toward the production of moral results.
"We may work in different ways but we work towards the same end."
Meanwhile Dorothea's mind was innocently at work towards the further embitterment of her husband; dwelling, with a sympathy that grew to agitation, on what Will had told her about his parents and grandparents.
The meetings discussed joint Arab work toward achieving sustainable agricultural development.
Summary: Future bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora urged Lebanon and Cyprus Tuesday to work toward a resolution over the boundaries of Lebanon's Exclusive Economic Zone.
"The president has also been in touch with the major leaders of the Arab states and with the Israelis, and we're going to continue our work toward a ceasefire ...
He has still another specific automotive example of how centralization is helpful: the line workers at Toyota, who work toward continuous improvement in their jobs.
A visit in 1987 by Bowen spurred her to volunteer in 1989 and later continue her work toward protecting orangutans as president of SOS.
USF Sarasota-Manatee at MCC Venice offers course work toward a bachelor's degree in general business, elementary education, and interdisciplinary social sciences.
Also, I would work toward more reflective writing, for I felt my journal was more of a daily documentary and list than an insightful recollection of happenings.
The Resource Guide is a compilation of many of the NLC resources available to help cities work toward becoming Inclusive Communities and can be found on NLC's website on the Advisory Council page.
According to the National Catholic Reporter, the two focused their discussions on the dialogue between science and Christian faith and on Kung's work toward the development of a "world ethic" that crosses cultural and religious boundaries.