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This optimal dispersion provides lower viscosity and markedly improved flow, pumping, spraying and workability.
WorkAbility Queensland is a consortium of peak sector organisations, funded by Queensland Government, to build the capacity and capability of Queenslands workforce so they are ready for the NDIS, Mrs ORourke said.
8220;The Indian admixtures market is dominated by naphthalene based admixtures on account of their cost-effectiveness compared to PCE based admixtures as well as improved workability in comparison with lignosulphonates.
The workability of this material allows expressive freedom and imagination at every stage in the creative process, from wet to dry.
Used to reduce acidity in soil and improve workability and drainage of heavy clay soils, this practice was used until the late 19th century.
Eovations, LLC announced the introduction of Eovations(TM) extruded oriented technology, a patented process producing a fully fiberized thermoplastic-mineral composite that replicates the fibrous structure of wood and creates a unique combination of strength, durability, aesthetic and workability properties.
This will help ascertain scheme's workability and will protect the poor, small and marginalised farmers, says a PC study on the canal water pricing.
The code is for everyone to adopt and in three months' time it will be reviewed by council as to its workability and enforcement.
The lighter-weight and smaller-diameter optical fiber cable is expected to contribute toimprovement of the installation workability and effective use of infrastructure.
Workability with several models of electronic drivers that can be selected for the best mix of performance, cost, and environmental and mounting considerations.