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To find a sustainable and workable solution to meet the needs of both parties.
If at the end of the day the changes incorporated by DOL make the final reg and exemptions workable, then a lot of folks will rely on them and move on," Saxon said.
David Melding, committee chairman, said: "The people of Wales deserve a durable devolution settlement which is simple, clear and workable.
He went on to say that Pakistan filed an application with UN in 1957 in connection with effectiveness of these resolutions and UN declared these resolutions workable.
The prospect of a winter World Cup is neither workable nor desirable for European domestic football.
Earlier this year the council had explored whether a community group could run Aberglaslyn but yesterday announced the business case put forward is not workable.
After three runs in maiden company last back end, the Mark Johnston-trained filly began the 2011 season on a very workable handicap rating of 62.
Workable Solutions has sought to address this lack of information by publishing a whitepaper titled, "Health Insurance Exchanges 101: In Plain English" for the health policy community.
She explained, 'This is something I have been trying to figure out how to do, and I just don't know how to get started--but I have a room that may be workable.
As part of the Say Yes challenge, young people will work to identify anti-social behaviour problems in their community and find workable solutions to address them, helping to contribute to their neighbourhoods.
HP Process, which has received numerous certifications from OEM manufacturers, uses high-quality primers, basecoats and urethane clearcoats that produce a finish that's workable to sand and polish in 40 minutes or less.
He said the plans were a "thoughtful and workable solution" to the area.