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Interested parties are also encouraged to contact Workable Solutions for additional information.
But would it be workable for the reading of, say, a large and complicated novel, like Moby-Dick?
Citing its internal and external fiscal obligations, the government said the present system should continue until a workable alternative was found.
It was a harvest windfall for an industry that's been reeling from a series of blows: first the 1991 federal court ruling halting logging until a workable program to protect the infamous spotted owl was in place, then the 1993 Clinton Forestry Conference, which resulted in drastic cuts in federal timber volume.
The reevaluation should be both medical -- to be sure that some cause of the pain hasn't been missed -- and vocational to assess the "fit" of the employee with the job, to determine what kinds of accommodations might be helpful to improve that fit or, perhaps, to try to generate alternatives when the situation simply doesn't seem workable.
They learn about teaching methods, problem solving, and workable ideas.
For many applications, computer simulation that does not require real-time feedback is not yet workable.
The first meeting of the independent Benaissance User Group of COBRApoint Software as a Service (SaaS) users was hosted by Workable Solutions, Inc.
26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) today applauded President Obama's budget proposal for including a workable approval pathway for biogenerics that will substantially reduce health care costs by increasing access to quality care at affordable prices.
We at W&M have long recognized Stamford as a great city that has emerged as a strong and self-sufficient market in its own fight, as well as a workable satellite in the Manhattan market," says Mr.
In a supernatural but workable twist, the alter ego he creates online comes to life and causes enormous havoc in David's life.
Workable, the newest service to be introduced in Tyneside by leading charitable organisation the Wise Group, has got off to a flying start by placing its first client into work with in weeks of opening.