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Out went the workaday horses as fewer and fewer people continued to care for their fields, and in their place came a lot more horses for visitors to ride, many of them stabled along the road that leads up to the GE[micro]reme Open Air Museum.
Characters are thin, jokes fall flat, the dialogue is workaday and the central pair are unengaging.
An Inescapable sense of poignancy and sentiment informs this rather workaday, music-sodden docu, which would have made a sensational short, and will probably work best in an abbreviated cut for TV outlets and the educational circuit.
However, the A8 Class was a workaday 4-6-2 tank engine used for both freight and local passenger services.
Different forces (Antal Dorati and his Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra) contribute a well-turned 'American in Paris', technically brilliant, but ultimately workaday and genteel.
Organizational spaces; rematerializing the workaday world.
In his essay "Rilke's 'Archaic Torso of Apollo:' Concerning the Encounter with a Work of Art," Jaeger maintains that we can approach phenomena through either a workaday or a festive attitude.
Simply packaged and in fairly minimal quantities these are workaday products that do the job.
6 hatches are also up, and even values of workaday Mondeos and Vectras are looking better than they have for a while.
CAROLINA LIAR Carolina Liar (Atlantic) w OKAY, so you have a workaday rock band and you want some radio action, who you gonna call?
Szilagyi said that his team had found many workaday objects, as well as two skeletons - unique finds from an age when people always used to cremate their dead.