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Navy senior leadership is clearly concerned to ensure that the workforce is competency-aligned in order to better support the mission.
workforce development efforts are attacking an ever-broadening scope, and job growth is expected to be an important issue for the November 2004 presidential election and beyond.
For those seeking understanding of virtual workforce issues in depth, the new report provides an annotated bibliography of current scholarly literature, including perspectives from communication, management, organizational development and management of information systems, as well as insights into the research team's approach to this project.
Blue Pumpkin Strategic Consulting Services introduce best-practice business processes and change management to build the proper work environment and lay the foundation for getting the most from technology solutions offered by the Workforce Optimization Suite.
This is especially true for those preparing to leave the workforce within the next 10 years.
The median age of the american workforce will rise from 35 (now) to 39 by the year 2000.
Space prohibits my writing at length about all three approaches; however, workforce development deserves more than a mention.
The Sydney 2000 Games workforce represented people of all ages, educational levels, nationalities and interests, with a mix of experience, expectations and motivations.

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