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So I say to you, go ahead and preach and earn your pay, but for goodness' sake leave the working class alone.
When bees have a place on which they can stand in their proper positions for working,--for instance, on a slip of wood, placed directly under the middle of a comb growing downwards so that the comb has to be built over one face of the slip--in this case the bees can lay the foundations of one wall of a new hexagon, in its strictly proper place, projecting beyond the other completed cells.
The subject well deserves to be discussed at great length, but I will here take only a single case, that of working or sterile ants.
Thus in Eciton, there are working and soldier neuters, with jaws and instincts extraordinarily different: in Cryptocerus, the workers of one caste alone carry a wonderful sort of shield on their heads, the use of which is quite unknown: in the Mexican Myrmecocystus, the workers of one caste never leave the nest; they are fed by the workers of another caste, and they have an enormously developed abdomen which secretes a sort of honey, supplying the place of that excreted by the aphides, or the domestic cattle as they may be called, which our European ants guard or imprison.
The jaws, moreover, of the working ants of the several sizes differed wonderfully in shape, and in the form and number of the teeth.
I don't see anyone changing their minds about working those hours, either,'' said Ed Coburn, spokesman for Circadian Technologies Inc.
After working at the Naval Research Laboratory, he became a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Liberal newspapers like The Washington Post and The Boston Globe put the story on their front pages, under such headlines as "Mothers' Employment Works for Children" and "Study Supports Working Moms.
Many of us working in rehabilitation have had the frustrating experience of working with a client who quits a wonderful job in response to some problem that, in our eyes, appears quite easy to solve.
Some of the means that are currently popular include telecommuting, working flexible hours and "hoteling.
We've learned that it doesn't make any sense to have someone who is working 16 hours a week come in 8 hours each on Monday and Tuesday, because he or she will leave at 4:30 on Tuesday and receive a phone call at 4:45 -- and the person won't be back for five days," reports Gary Shamis, managing partner of Ohio-based Saltz Shamis & Goldfarb.
He expressed his concern about an economy where corporate chief executives' salaries are skyrocketing while most working people's are stagnating.