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They have a focusable working distance between 10 and 17 inches, fine focusing on both telescopes and adjustable pupilary distance.
In either case, the minimum working distance is 20 mm.
Must have infinitely variable working distance of up to 490-500mm, and full "face to face" equipment for surgeon and assistant.
5X, feature coated optics with an adjustable PD knob and offer a working distance between 14 and 17 inches.
5 mm working distance and a take off angle of 35[degrees] The optional La[B.
5x, 15x) 300mm Working Distance / Led Light / 24,000 Lux 5 Wheel Rolling Base /cooper Surgical Item# Optik1-01 Or Equal Warranty: 1 Year Parts And Labor Unless Specified Elsewhere Ship To : Sh0149 Medical Services 16205 450 Bauchet Street Ca Room S-238 90012 Los Angeles, Ca 90012 Medical Services/Twin Towers Fac 2 Commodity Code: 962-86-00-0000000 1.
5X magnification and has a focusable working distance between 10-17 inches.