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She was a good governess, minded her duty very particularly and never spake but the truth, She was likewise very neat and clean both in her person and dress, was a remarkably nice workwoman and was very anxious for our going on well, walked out with us in all weathers when Mama wished us and gave us all the little comforts she could think of.
Just as paternalism could be a tool of oppression (as labor historians well know), so too could maternalism; affectionate relations between proprietor and workwoman, between "Madame" and her "girls," often accompanied brutally exploitative conditions.(38)
workwoman's matters were scattered on the path, some of them showing a
Unlike the controlled transgressions of the natural and pastoral imagery describing the idyll, these signs of Hetty's class, "all her little workwoman's matters," threaten "a capability of rolling to great lengths."(12) A "real" (that is to say, a biological and emotional) liaison between a young squire and a young workwoman has the "capability of rolling to great lengths," indeed--in fact, the very consequences the novel goes on to trace: pregnancy and death, incarceration and exile.
I dare say at present it might be difficult for you to procure the sum necessary to purchase a sewing machine; and indeed, unless you are a good workwoman to begin with, you will find a machine difficult to manage.